“Do you think you can sell this stuff can sell on the internet?” asked a former client of my web agency, holding up a household product with a cartoonish drawing of a…bacteria cell?

The product was a “a drain septic and drain cleaner” I had never heard of, but one that he had been selling for years through his construction and plumbing business. The product touted the use of powerful but safe bacteria that are activated in water and have a special proclivity for “digesting,” or breaking down waste accumulations in pipes.

From my limited experience, the unpleasant task of clearing out drains was a) something you only dealt with when sinks or tubs were completely backed up. I would typically deal with that situation using off-the-shelf Drain-O-type caustic products and/or calling a plumber to “snake” the drain with a long metal coil. (When my own efforts failed.)

I had seen news articles about special bacteria were being used to help clean up oil spills, and I also knew that microbials were used in waste treatment plants. So the idea of using these to break up clogs made some sense. But could something that was not sulfuric acid or similarly dangerous actually do the job?

The answer is yes, most especially when used regularly to prevent slime buildup from getting to the blockage stage. It turns out, there was a ready-market online for the product my client had brought me, and we set about expanding the business and seeing how we could make our product the best it could be.

And so was born MegaMicrobes®, a new generation of best-in-class treatments for relieving organic waste buildup in drains, traps and septic systems. Now part of the NeoLogic family of water treatment products, MegaMicrobes’ fan base keeps growing as folks reap the rewards from effective bio-cleaning their plumbing systems.

If the concept of using an organic waste digester to keep pipes clear and odor free makes sense, then your next move should be to select a product that delivers the best results.