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Secure purchase of factory-fresh MegaMicrobes bio-clean treatments. You’ll save more money by increasing your order quantities or by ordering bulk size packaging. Free shipping applies on most orders delivered within the continental USA. Please contact us for quotes on international shipping, any questions you may have. Remember, MegaMicrobes products are backed by a money-back guarantee of satisfaction.
  • Sale! MegaMicrobes

    MegaMicrobes® Dry Super Blend Eco-Pack 2-Pound

    $44.00 $39.00
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  • Sale! MegaMicrobes_Septic_Packs

    MegaMicrobes® Septic Maintenance Packets – 10 4-oz Packets

    $68.60 $49.00
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  • Sale! tank_cleaner

    MegaMicrobes® Dry Super Blend 8oz. Water Soluble Packets (50)

    $329.00 $299.00
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  • Sale! waste_cleaner

    MegaMicrobes® Dry Super Blend 4oz. Water Soluble Packets (100)

    $349.00 $311.25
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  • Sale! blend_cleaner

    MegaMicrobes® Dry Super Blend Commercial Blend 25-lb Bucket

    $289.00 $279.00
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  • drain_cleaners

    MegaMicrobes® Dry 2lb

    Rated 4.83 out of 5
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  • water_soluble

    MegaMicrobes®Liquid Premium Waste Digester 64-oz

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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  • Sale! powder_cleaning

    MegaMicrobes® 2-lb CASE of 12

    $539.40 $359.88
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  • Sale! liquid_cleaner

    MegaMicrobes® Liquid 64-oz 6-Pack (CASE)

    $359.70 $269.70
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  • Sale! drain_cleaner

    MegaMicrobes® Liquid 5-Gallon Pail

    $359.00 $229.00
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  • Sale! cleaner

    Auto-Dose Dispenser – Bucket Top

    $259.00 $239.99
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  • Sale! drain_cleaner

    MegaMicrobes Beverage Line Cleaner – 5 gallons

    $159.00 $129.00
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