Elaine S.

My Thoughts

Bought your product this past November. After Thanksgiving, I put the product down the kitchen sink drain. The drain wasn’t plugged, but there was a great deal of (what I call “mung”) from the hand soap. I knew it was just a question of time before I had to do something. I followed directions and put MegaMicrobes down the drain. Let it sit overnight. Next morning, didn’t notice a drastic difference. Everything has been working very well. Lately, I have noticed that the mung in the drain closest to the sink was disappearing. I didn’t anticipate that even though I trickled some of the product on this. Drain is working well and will treat once again soon to hopefully remove the remainder. Then set up a regular schedule.

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Zena B.

Excellent product

I have used this product for years and recommended the product to friends and everyone is very happy with the results.

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Bonnie F.

Actually I’ve done 5 treatments

Actually I’ve done 5 treatments as stated in the instructions, and haven’t seen any difference. I don’t know whether to be disappointed or just expecting too much!

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Bernard C.

Fast Delivery

I was pleased to receive my order within 2 days.

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K. Duncan

Could save you from having big blockage in pipes

Purchased this product after blockage issue. Never thought about the slimy crud that builds up in pipes, it is nasty greasy black stink. So how do I clean that out? Lots of research later, I order megamicrobes. Must use according to directions..worked perfect. This is actually LIVE microbes that “eat” that slime, then get flushed out. After initial treatment, just use as regular maintenance.

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Sue W.

Works surprisingly well. My bathtub has never drained so fast.

To tell the truth, I was skeptical, but the stuff seems to really work. It is something of a pain to not be able to use the drains for 6-8 hours after the application — and for the initial application you have to do it 5 days in a row for each floor in your house. But it was worth it to have my drains running so freely.

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Sandra M.

I have used this drain

I have used this drain cleaner for years. I use to use the powder until you came up with the liquid. It is much easier to use and I have not had a drain problem in years. I love this newer product.

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Jack W.

Works Well

Used on a regular basis it keeps drains clear

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Irving S.

Great Product and Fast Delivery

The MegaMicrobes Liquid Premium Organic Waste Digester is very easy to use. I like the built in measuring cup. Quick and easy to order and fast delivery.

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Catherine S.

Unlike other drain openers

I can really see the difference in the shower drain with just a few ounces in the drain every week or so. We also use it in a floor drain in our basement – odor gone, water flows out quickly. It really does the job and of course great to know it’s non-toxic and safe for the old pipes in our home.

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