MegaMicrobes® Liquid 5-Gallon Pail

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MegaMicrobes® Liquid is a superior biological treatment for degrading fats, oil, grease and other organic waste that cause blockages and odors. What makes MegaMicrobes superior is a combination of effective ingredients and production quality. MegaMicrobes contains a patented, exclusive formulation of non-pathogenic pseudomonad bacteria that is not available in typical off-the-shelf consumer products. A true bio-clean product.

MegaMicrobes Liquid 64-ounce now features an innovative new bottle design that allows you to pour the right dosage directly, with less chance for mess and waste. These bottles are shipped factory fresh from our lab with foil seals that eliminate any leaks or seepage in transit.

The performance-ready, friendly bacteria in MegaMicrobes® removes fats, oils, grease and organic waste build-up through biological digestion. MegaMicrobes contains no emulsifiers, added enzymes or other ingredients which may be frowned upon by local regulatory authorities and the environmental community. Cleaner discharged water conserves municipal energy use for treatment.

MegaMicrobes Liquid Key Features

  • Guaranteed quality-controlled product with high cell counts
  • 100 separate quality assurance tests prior to bottling
  • Exceptional bacterial enzyme activity with exclusive, patented formulation
  • Speeds breakdown and digestion of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and petroleum hydrocarbons
  • Innovative bottle designed for precise dosage application and reduced waste
  • Bacterial metabolism with aerobic growth
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous
  • Environmentally safe formulation containing non-pathogenic bacteria
  • Listed in the EPA’s Safer Choice (formerly Design for the Environment) program
  • USDA BioPreferred® Designated product
  • Up to 32 uses per bottle
  • One year + shelf life

EPA Safer Choice

MegaMicrobes Liquid has been authorized to display the U.S. EPA’sSafer Choice on its label, indicating that our MegaMicrobes Liquid meets the program’s stringent requirements intended to allow “customers to quickly identify and choose products that can help protect the environment and are safer for families.”

MegaMicrobes Liquid has also earned the USDA BioPreferred® designation.

MegaMicrobes is made in the USA under strict quality-control standards and is offered with our money-back guarantee when used as directed.

Save more by ordering case size for quantities of 6 or more.

MegaMicrobes Liquid is also available in 5-gallon buckets suitable for use in commercial and environmental applications such as restaurant kitchens, lift stations, wetland pollution, etc. Please contact us  for a quote.

The time-lapse video below shows the metabolizing action of MegaMicrobes Liquid on a mass of organic waste consisting of solid cooking fat and miscellaneous food samples.


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
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