Frequently Asked Questions


MegaMicrobes cleaners remove waste comprised of organic substances by the application of naturally occurring enzymes and bacteria that treat the waste as their food actually consume it. This action breaks down the waste into small amounts of water and CO2 that are easily washed away and returned safely into the environment. This is nature’s way, very different from using toxic chemicals to burn through or simply break up waste matter without really reducing it.

Currently MegaMicrobes products are available for purchase online, including through Amazon, and directly from regional distributors, service providers, and some select retailers.  Although there are a number of so-called “natural” drain cleaners found on store shelves, they simply do not have the high microbial counts, stability, and effectiveness of MegaMicrobes. MegaMicrobes Liquid has two patents on its formulation and features powerful class of friendly bacteria not found in other retail products. And MegaMicrobes Dry (powder) has at least 5 times the friendly bacteria found in most off-the-shelf brands, and even some specialty brands offered by plumbers. Please contact us if you are interested in retailing MegaMicrobes.

On a cost-per-use basis, MegaMicrobes is far less expensive that competing biological or toxic products that in most cases don’t do the job. We offer these products in sizes that make them cost-effective for repeated maintenance use over many months, even a year or more. Also consider the cost of frequent maintenance and service calls for clogged drains and pipes that will be eliminated or substantially reduced through regular biomaintenance. Additional savings can be realized by purchasing multiple and bulk quantities.

MegaMicrobes Liquid has a stated shelf life of 18 months if left uncontaminated in its original container. MegaMicrobs Dry will stay effective for 24 months or longer, as the powder contains friendly bacteria as spores, seed-like, that remain dormant until activated by water. Be sure to keep unused portions dry.

Yes, by digesting (metabolizing) and eliminating the waste which is the source of odor. Usually absence of odor is the first result of applying MegaMicrobes. Clearing odors from garbage disposal units is a great use of MegaMicrobes.

All of our biological treament products safely degrade organic waste, and they can all be used effectively in treating drains, pipes, septic systems, etc. So we are often asked which product should be used – a MegaMicrobes Dry or Liquid?

The benefit of MegaMicrobes Dry is that it is a little less expensive on a per-use basis at the home use level. You can literally get up to 100 uses out a single 2-pound jar of MegaMicrobes Dry for cleaning home drains. And although MegaMicrobes Liquid has a stated shelf-life of 2-years, the powder blends can often go well beyond that if stored dry.

The benefit of our MegaMicrobes Liquid is that it goes right to work with no pre-mixing, and has more digesting power due to its patented formulation and high microbial counts. Many people prefer to simply pour the treatment down without pre-mixing. The liquid is also well-suited to applications where daily treatment is recommended, such as in commercial grease traps or lift stations where an automated injector pump can dispense a small amount of into the waste container at a scheduled time.

*PLEASE NOTE that our dry or liquid products should never be compared to off-the-shelf liquid or powder brands which are weaker and often contain fragrances, detergents or other emulsifiers that work against true biodegradation. MegaMicrobes products are superior to these in cost-per-use AND effectiveness.

While the brute force effect of caustic drain cleaners may punch a hole in a clog, in addition to being very dangerous, they don’t really treat the source of the problem. The strongest chemical in the world can’t climb the side walls of horizontal pipes. Gravity makes all chemicals run along the bottom. Nor can chemicals remove much waste in vertical pipes because they flow through so quickly. The friendly bacteria in MegaMicrobes are alive and will go anywhere there is food. They will remove the gunk chemicals leave behind. And most plumbers will tell you that strong acid-based drain cleaners often damage the pipe lining or joints.

First, make sure all instructions were followed. Second, allow enough time for the conditions involved. If still no results, send us the details and a way to contact you.  We are very interested in your satisfaction and will be happy to help.

Money-Back Guarantee: MegaMicrobes should be allowed sufficient time to perform and when used as per instructions is warranted to give customer satisfaction. All warranties are limited to the refund of the purchase price by Bioredex International, Inc. or authorized distributor upon return of the jar or bottle with the unused portion of the product and return authorization code.

Guarantee applies to single 2-pound jar of powder or 64-ounce liquid used only. Additional unopened product may be returned for refund with return authorization.