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The cleanest of homes still accumulates kitchen and bathroom waste within its plumbing system on a daily basis. This waste includes food particles, fats, grease, oils, soap, and hair, much of which simply lingers and builds up on drains, traps, and pipes. This problem reveals itself with slow or blocked drains, bad odors or even drain fly infestation (larvae feed on waste!).

The typical homeowner’s response is a costly plumber’s visit or attempting to solve the problem with a chemical drain opener. But caustic chemicals are only intended to “burn” through a blockage, which treats the symptom but does not work to metabolize (digest) the waste buildup. Plus, these chemicals are very dangerous to handle and potentially harmful to your pipes.

MegaMicrobes® uses a special, very powerful combination of natural bacteria and enzymes that DIGEST organic waste found in your plumbing system. Applied on a regular basis, blockages become a thing of the past. It is a true remedy that is safe, economical, and good for the environment.

Around the House

A Cleaner Home from the Inside Out – ORGANICALLY

I know, I know…talking about drains and pipes is not all that sexy or interesting, but there they are. We all have to deal with them, sooner or later. MegaMicrobes® offer unique, green products that no household should be without. And while MegaMicrobes® have many qualities and specific applications, we are proud to say that they will help you live in a cleaner home, from top-to-bottom, at the “deepest” level – inside your plumbing.

Your kitchen and bathrooms may look clean…

Everybody wants a clean home and local environment. But the clean we see doesn’t always reflect the accumulation of waste in the places we don’t see. As it happens, many of our regular cleaning chores, like doing the dishes, adds to the waste.

Bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets are all “making deposits” into your home’s digestive system, and unfortunately, a good amount of those deposits stay there.

Cleaning Moves Waste Where You Don’t See It (until…)

A lot of waste goes down the drain – food particles, large and small, soap, hair, fats, grease, oil… where does it all end up?

Much of it sticks to your drains and the inside of your pipes. If you have a septic tank, most of the large particles will gather there to decompose, and the rest will flow into your city’s sewage system for treatment and/or eventual release or reuse.

Here’s the thing: there’s more waste going in than can be taken out by normal degradation processes. Many municipalities are asking residents to reduce or eliminate the use of garbage disposals for this reason.

Ironically, the overuse of antibacterial soaps has also contributed to this problem by eliminating much of the naturally present bacteria that normally degrades organic waste. (While there are good uses for antibacterials, it is a much better idea to use biodegradable soap for everyday use.)

What are the results at home of accumulated waste in the plumbing? Increasing buildups leading to slower drain flows, blockages, bad odors, and unsanitary conditions that can contribute to the breeding of pests and unhealthy germs in your household.

Typically, this is stuff we don’t even think about until we get a complete stoppage. Unless we know better, we look for a quick fix with a chemical drain opener or an expensive plumber’s visit. But chemical openers are merely intended to burn through a clog – they don’t eliminate built up waste on the walls of the pipe. This is treating the symptom, not the cause! They can severely damage your plumbing and they will severely hurt you or a loved one if touched, inhaled, or ingested. While a plumber may clear out a blockage, it’s also a temporary (and costly) fix.

A Better Way! Probiotics for your pipes…

Yogurt anyone? There is a whole category of nutritional supplements sold on health food shelves called “probiotics” which add bacteria to your digestive system.

Similarly, friendly bacteria applied into waste water can significantly reduce organic waste that builds up in drains, pipes, septic tanks, and local sewer systems.

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