Holding Tanks & Lift Pumps

MegaMicrobes® offers a superior bioremediation for black water holding tanks, whether in marine, vehicle or even portable toilet applications. The high friendly bacterial content in our products will accelerate solid waste digestion and quickly eliminate odors more effectively than most products that may be specifically labeled for this purpose, but which do not match up in biological composition.


Lift stations and pumps that move temporarily stored black water to the level of local sewer lines also suffer from waste buildup on pump sensors that can have the pumps either fail to activate or not shut-off. Applying effective biological treatment to pump mechanisms and tank waste solves the problem handily, which is why Liberty Pumps and other manufacturers specify patented MegaMicrobes Liquid for this purpose. The photo below shows the full restoration of a lift pump in less than a month using MegaMicrobes liquid.

Approved and recommended for Liberty Pumps