Food & Beverage

Kitchen CleanerEven the cleanest looking kitchen produces waste that can lead to unsavory backups and potentially harm the local water supply with unfiltered fats, oils, and grease (FOG waste) that gets past grease traps and drains. Many municipalities are ramping up their codes and enforcement to better address the growing problem of FOG waste produced in commercial and institutional kitchens.

A process of applied biomaintenance with MegaMicrobes® formula is an effective and economical solution for mitigating FOG waste and reducing the headaches associated with that waste. It is also reduces the need for expensive service calls. MegaMicrobes Liquid is ideal for daily treatment of grease traps – it will help keep solid waste liquefied by metabolizing it, NOT by emulsification which merely separate the waste and lets it out into the local sewers. This is a truly green solution that will help restaurants avoid liability and regulatory fines and promote effective environmental practices in their communities.

Sugar residue can also be a big headache; MegaMicrobes Beverage Line Cleaner keeps drink dispenser drains flowing residue-free and reduces expensive maintenance and loss of sales due to downtime.

Watch the video – see how FOG waste affects your facility and community, and how to mitigate it with inexpensive and environmentaly safe MegaMicrobes.