Commercial Buildings

MegaMicrobes is used by Richmond Federal Reserve Building and Cambridge Savings Bank.From modern skyscrapers like the Federal Reserve Building in Richmond, VA, to historic landmarks like the Cambridge Savings bank in Harvard Square, MA, MegaMicrobes provides a safe and economical way to keep outflow drains and pipes clear of food and other types of organic waste that accumulate.

With the use of an autodosing pump, measured doses can be released into floor drains, grease traps, and stacks with little oversight. Regular applications into restroom and kitchen drains on a weekly or monthly basis can significantly reduce maintenance expenses and headaches, and provide a clean odor free working environment.

If aging pipes are a concern – no worries there. As demonstrated its use of years by the 150-year old Cambridge Savings Bank, MegaMicrobes has no corrosive effect whatsoever on pipes or equipment – it only acts on organic material. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous and completely biodegradable.

Reducing sludge entering local sewer systems will provide environmental benefits to the community and help building owners and tenants avoid possibly fines due by minimizing or even eliminating release of solid wastes in grey water outflow.

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MegaMicrobes Liquid shown in single bottle size and 5-gallon and pump.